Mathematics & Social Studies Lab

The fascinating world of numbers is brought alive for our students in the mathematics lab. For the students of pre-primary section a number game on the tiled floor helps them in identification numbers, it also helps the primary students in identification of even & odd numbers or prime numbers through play way method thereby doing away with the fear for numbers from an early age. A number of audio-visuals aids help simplify the concepts of fraction, percentage, time, weights etc. A small shop area is also created to teach the concept of money as well as profit and loss etc.

A combined lab for social studies take the students across the journey of Human Evolution bringing alive the days of Harappa & Mohenjodaro through 3D cutouts. Mother Earth and the secrets she holds right to her core are revealed in the social studies lab. A scaled down model of the Parliament House with the Indian tricolour flying high helps us create an interest for civics and symbolizes all that this great & "Democratic Socialist Republic" called India stands for.