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The Pawar Public Charitable Trust, is an organization that focuses on the needs of the under privileged sections of the society. In the past the trust has been known for their supportive activities in the form of donations, sponsorships and scholarships to the needy and the under privileged. The trust is also involved in work aimed at the upliftment of the nomadic tribal communities by imparting basic level of education to them. In addition, the Trust also extends its support in the form of sponsorships for various computer programs for educational institutions like the Rayat Shikshan Sanstha, which fosters the unique concept of 'learn & earn'.

Besides education, the trust is actively involved in the promotion of socio - cultural activities like music, theatre and funding of publishing establishments involved in the printing of 'purposeful' literature, which would otherwise not have been commercially viable.

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Objectives of the Trust:

The trust has been established keeping certain broad objectives in mind, which are:

1. The spread and promotion of education and learning, which includes setting up and management of educational institutions which includes schools, colleges, universities etc, scholarships for the needy and under-privileged students, offering fee subsidy, etc.

2. Providing for medical, surgical and maternity relief to the under-privileged sections of the society which includes providing money for medicine, medical treatment, operation or postoperative treatment, blood transfusion etc.

3. Contributing to the spread of knowledge by making subscriptions, contributions, and donations to other institutions pledged to contribute towards the propagation and advancement of education and knowledge.

Tribal Welfare School at Talasari

Pawar Public Charitable Trust, jointly with the Vidhya Prathisthan Trust, Baramati, has undertaken the responsibility of running an ashramshala for the tribal girls at Talasari under the Kasturba Gandhi Girls School Scheme. The school has opened an avenue for education of nomadic tribal girls who were till then totally deprived of any source for good education. It is a residential school & provides good quality of education, good food and clean & hygienic living quarters for these girls. Apart from these basics, our school has truly contributed towards building their confidence by arranging for physical education, coaching in various sports, conducting Yoga camps as well as camps for art and craft activities. It is a matter of immense pride to see that our school has become a second home, to these girls.

This school holds a very special place in the heart of our Managing Trustee, Mrs. Supriya Sule. She shares a very warm relationship with all our students there. As a result, the students can approach her freely during her visits to the school and can even discuss their personal problems with her.

Youth Activities - Apli Mati Apla Maharashtra

The Trust has contributed towards organising this cultural competition through the Sharad Sports & Cultural Prathisthan for the students of rural Maharashtra, especially the students of Agriculture. The competition is held in four zones, namely the Konkan Zone, Western Maharashtra Zone, Vidharbha Zone & the Marathwada Zone. The competitions are held for composition, elocution, light Indian music, fancy dress, group dance, dramatics, folk songs of rural Maharashtra etc. It is a pleasure to witness the coming together of 'agri' and 'culture' on such a large stage.