CFHEd (Edexcel and Junior College) - Grooming Sessions – 2016

In continuation to our pledge to help make our students well groomed global citizens we organized a “Soft skills and Personality development workshop” for our Edexcel and FYJC students in collusion with “Ambekar’s Personna Spinners”.

The students were exposed to basics of body language and the power of positive and focused thinking.

CFHEd - Grooming Sessions - 2015

In our stride to make our students "global citizens", latch on to good manners, etiquette, and realize the impact of making the first impression RIGHT, we at CFHED along with the Wasan Group, had organized a two day Grooming Session Programme for our students at the Centre.

They were exposed to a plethora of situations and were made to understand how to act and react correctly in the given situation. The workshop covered topics like, English manners and etiquette; Communication and Goal Setting. The session helped students understand how to polish and refine themselves.