We Care - Career Guidance

Our school had arranged a visit of nine students to Vidya Pratishtan, at Baramati. During the weeklong stay there, the following dignitaries taught them in their own innovative way, the things required to be an entrepreneur:

1. Capt. C.S. Anand: Leadership, Moral Values, Goal setting, Handling failure and stress.

2. Mr. Anil Kulkarni: Corporate social responsibility and individual social responsibility.

3. Mr. Sagar Laddha: Engineering branches.

4. Mr. Sanjay Inamdar: Social entrepreneurship.

5. Mr. Anand Khandekar: Corporate Insight.

6. Mr. Mak Pandit: Conflict Management and Lateral thinking.

7. Mr. Nilesh Joglekar: Communication skills, Soft skills, Interview techniques, Resume writing, Mannerisms and Etiquettes

8. Dr. Sahastrabuddhe: Engineering career and expectations.

9. Mr. Ashok Rathod: Youth Icon, Leadership through games.

10. Mr. Durgesh Mangeshkar: Preparing for exams.

11. Mr. Abhijit Atre: Corporate insight.

12. Mr. Haral Raichur: Careers in Animation, Game design, Design and Allied Areas.

13. Mr. Omkar Sapre: Internet, Social Networking, Email, Social Media and Making of Website.

14. Mr. Ketan Deshpande: Entrance Exam Procedures.

The FUEL TEAM also, conducted a test on the various sessions held during these seven days.

On the last day, they also had a session with Mrs Supriya Sule; they discussed and exchanged views on conducting such camps in schools of Mumbai to benefit a large number of students. All of them enjoyed the session with Mr. Ashok Rathod , the YOUTH ICON ,because, he taught them 'leadership' through games.