EUMIND - Europe meets India

We are a Global Family...

EUMIND - Europe meets India - is a platform for networking between schools in India and Europe to promote interaction and understanding between students and teachers.

Pawar Public School ,Bhandup feels privileged to be a part of this educational and cultural programme which aims to bring the students of our nation closer to the West.

During the summer vacation of May 2012, a team comprising 10 students from the school, along with the Principal Dr. Mrs. Phadke, headed for the Netherlands as a part of this programme. The PPS students stayed with the Dutch students in their homes and got a flavour of the Dutch lifestyle and food habits. The students attended lectures at the Vechtdal College, Ommen and interacted with the students and teachers of this institution.

The Principal was extremely impressed by the Vocational Guidance Centre at the college where the students were trained in vocations like carpentry, plumbing and masonry. The Indian students were fascinated with the high tech tools used by the Dutch people. They also got an opportunity to learn metal carving and wood cutting. The students enjoyed the visit thoroughly as they soaked themselves in the lush green environs of Holland. They refreshed themselves by engaging in outdoor activities. Long distance cycling in the woods was indeed, a unique experience for the students. They also visited two villages built on reclaimed land.

The highlight of the tour was the India Day Celebrations which aimed at presenting the myriad culture and traditions of our land before the Dutch. The programme commenced with an invitation of the Dutch to the colourful world of Rajasthan through a mesmerizing folk dance. This was followed by the demonstration of Mehndi application, saree and turban draping. Ethnic outfits were also exchanged. The Principal made a presentation of the school report to the college staff. This gave them a bird's eye view of the activities conducted in school. The Indian students transported the Dutch to our land through a presentation on India, which depicted our historical monuments, education, food, attire, marriage system, holy places and so on. The Indian team was interviewed by the Dutch media.

The students unanimously agreed upon the fact that the hospitality extended by the Dutch families is worth mentioning. Tanvee's host, despite being a cancer patient, took great care of her. Urvi's host graciously slept on the floor and made her comfortable bed available for the guest. Gurujyot's host was generosity personified and was very impressed with his guest's pleasant manners. Here are the reflections of some PPS students regarding the EUMIND trip:

In the words of Pradyumna, Memories .... more precious than 22 carat gold ....

A splendid opportunity for us to learn and grow as individuals, says Tanvee

A complete roller coaster ride... Thanks to my school, expresses Shriya

Shrawani exults, What a fun filled educational tour!

Shrawani exults, What a fun filled educational tour!

"Seeing is believing; Such a memorable trip supported by first hand experience... made an everlasting impression on our hearts", says the Principal, PPS, Bhandup

This exchange programme is sure to make a indelible mark on the students who would cherish it for a life time....